AteamID Member Terms of Use

AteamID is a membership management system (hereinafter the "service") operated by Ateam Inc. (hereinafter "Ateam"). Registering for AteamID allows users (hereinafter "users") to enjoy the assorted services offered by Ateam. Please read the terms of use below when registering for AteamID.

Section 1: Opening

  1. These terms of use (hereinafter "the terms") apply to all users who are using any service offered by Ateam.
  2. The terms define the conditions of use for the service. Users will follow these terms when using the service.
  3. Users who are using the service are treated as having agreed to all of the content in these terms.
  4. The service, as well as any functional communication tools and other services offered in tandem with the service (hereinafter "communication tools"), are currently provided in order to facilitate communication between users and do not guarantee any communication with specific people. Data uploaded by users may be recorded into logs on servers operated by Ateam or a third party hired by Ateam for data management.
  5. Ateam is given the free and non-exclusive right to copy and duplicate data uploaded by users using the communication tools. Even if users provide plans, ideas, and other proposals related to products or marketing, Ateam bears no obligation to evaluate, consider, or keep these proposals secret, and is allowed to use the proposals free of charge. As a result, all proposals will be treated under the assumption that the above permission is granted to Ateam.
  6. Any data uploaded by users that Ateam determines has fallen under the terms of Section 6 may be deleted by Ateam without previously notifying the user. In this case, the deletion of the data does not reduce or nullify any responsibility carried by the user for uploading the data.

Section 2: Notes on Use

  1. Users using the service must register their information as specified by Ateam.
  2. Any information provided (including email addresses) is added and managed at the user's responsibility and volition.

  3. Ateam may make the following email contacts with users as they use the service.
  4. (1) Notification of use of the service or completed registration
  5. (2) In the above scenario, contact asking the user to confirm their entered information
  6. (3) Contact sent a certain period of time after using the service, confirming status of use or other items related to using the service
  7. (4) Contact about the service, other assorted services operated by Ateam, and gift campaigns
  8. (5) Contact about surveys related to using the service
  9. (6) Contact about services from partner firms or third parties, sent as a referral from the partner firm or third party
  10. (7) Other contact associated with the service

Section 3: Handling of Personal Information

  1. In order to register, users must provide the information requested by Ateam. Any personal information entered will be handled appropriately, following the Privacy Policy defined in a separate document.

Section 4: Fees

  1. Basic registration for AteamID is free of charge.
  2. Users with a registered AteamID may purchase paid content or paid services via the payment function provided by AteamID, following the terms of usage defined by the other services.

Section 5: Changes to the Terms

  1. Ateam has the ability to change the terms at any time, for any reason, based on its own discretion.
  2. Unless Ateam defines otherwise, the new terms will be effective from the time they are posted for display on this site.
  3. Once the terms are changed, they apply to all users using the service, and users indicate agreement to the changed terms via their use of the service.

Section 6: Prohibited Items

Users must not engage in any of the following practices when using the service. If any such behavior is discovered, Ateam reserves the right to delete the user ID or content without prior notice.

  1. Any behavior that violates laws (regulations, terms, government decrees, ordinances, and any other public laws that apply to the user) or is thought to violate laws. Any behavior that encourages or assists with violating laws.
  2. Behavior that involves or is thought to involve criminal behavior or assisting with criminal behavior.
  3. Behavior that violates the rights (including, but not limited to, slander or libel, or violation of privacy rights or copyrights) of other users.
  4. Behavior that violates public order and morals, including obscene, racial, violent or threatening, grotesque, or any other inappropriate expression.
  5. Behavior that uses the service to obtain illicit gains.
  6. Sales activity (including, but not limited to, solicitation, whether personal or non-personal), solicitation of donations, political activity (including activity before elections), proselytizing, and other religious activity.
  7. The formation of groups involved with any activity in part 6 above, as well as groups that maintain belief of a bias of religious, racial, sexual, ethnic, human-rights, or other nature.
  8. Solicitation of others to meet for sexual behavior or obscene activity.
  9. Solicitation of pyramid schemes, sending of chain letters, and other solicitation to users to engage in similar behavior.
  10. Speech, behavior, or activity meant to slander, threaten, discriminate against, or otherwise disturb or disquiet other users.
  11. Behavior attempting to pose as Ateam, Ateam partner firms, licensed businesses, customer support agents, or other related personnel.
  12. Sending viruses, excessive amounts of data, or other behavior that places a burden on the app's servers, or behavior that blocks usage by other users.
  13. Sending of false or misleading requests or statements to Ateam.
  14. Any other behavior that interferes or may interfere with operation of the service.
  15. Behavior that defames the service or product offered by Ateam, or the content and administration of the service as run by Ateam.
  16. Selling or reselling all data that comprises the service without Ateam's permission.
  17. Engaging in paid exchange, in markets outside of the service, which uses virtual currency, items, points, data, accounts, or data obtained through use of the service. This includes selling these items using real-world currency, placing them for sale on Internet auctions and other sites, and trading currency, items, and other data used by other games or services.
  18. Violating copyrights or other rights relating to the service.
  19. Using this product's software to connect to servers besides the one used by this app.
  20. Soliciting or recommending the use of improper behavior.
  21. Posing as other people when using the service.
  22. Collecting or saving data capable of identifying people.
  23. Inviting other users who have been deleted due to violations.
  24. Circumventing, deleting, neutralizing, or otherwise taking steps to avoid technical devices used by Ateam to protect the content of the service.
  25. Any other behavior that violates the terms.
  26. Informing other viewers (including pasting a link to relevant forums) of text or data that falls into one of the above categories (including if other people engage in the behavior).
  27. Outside of the above actions, any behavior determined by Ateam to not be suitable for the purposes of the service.
  28. Any solicitation or assistance for any of the behavior in the other categories, or the preparation thereof.

Section 7: Disclaimers

Users must agree to the following disclaimers and user responsibilities to Ateam when using the service.

  1. Ateam may change, stop, or end the service at any time without previously notifying users, as it deems necessary.
  2. Ateam is not responsible for any damage caused by changing, stopping, or ending the service. This also applies for lost network connections and other damages caused by excessive network traffic or other unexpected issues.
  3. Users use the service at their own risk and bear all responsibility for any behavior or results thereof when using the service.
  4. Any conflicts that arise between users must be settled by the relevant users. If Ateam or another third party suffers damage as a result, the users must provide compensation.
  5. Any claims or demands caused by a user violating the rights of a third party on the service will be settled through the responsibility and compensation of the user, and Ateam bears no responsibility.
  6. If a user violates the rights of a third party and the third party makes a complaint and asks for damages or other funds, the user is responsible for any compensation of these funds.

Section 8: Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

  1. The terms are governed over by the laws of Japan.
  2. The Nagoya District Court shall serve as the court of exclusive jurisdiction over any conflicts between Ateam and users.
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